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A Branch-Price-and-Cut Algorithm for Packing Cuts in Undirected Graphs

The cut packing problem in an undirected graph is to find a largest cardinality collection of pairwise edge-disjoint cuts. We provide the first... (more)

Experimental Evaluation of a Branch-and-Bound Algorithm for Computing Pathwidth and Directed Pathwidth

Path decompositions of graphs are an important ingredient of dynamic programming algorithms for... (more)

Tree-Based Coarsening and Partitioning of Complex Networks

A hierarchy of increasingly coarse versions of a network allows one to represent the network on multiple scales at the same time. Often, the... (more)

Faster Compressed Suffix Trees for Repetitive Collections

Recent compressed suffix trees targeted to highly repetitive sequence collections reach excellent compression performance, but operation times are... (more)


New options for ACM authors to manage rights and permissions for their work

ACM introduces a new publishing license agreement, an updated copyright transfer agreement, and a new author-pays option which allows for perpetual open access through the ACM Digital Library. For more information, visit the ACM Author Rights webpage. 


About JEA

The Journal of Experimental Algorithmics (ISSN 1084-6654) is published by The Association for Computing Machinery. The journal is entirely paperless. It contains refereed articles organized by volume and article number, together with software and data files that accompany most articles.

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